Predisposition model Trainer 1.0 BETA- sport. development, is the first step to the educational programme prepared by the team of experts within the framework of the Trainer 1.0 BETA project.

This way you will be able to learn about the work of a trainer in a given discipline, your predispositions to the profession will be assessed and you will be able to start gaining your first professional experience. Before you approach the diagnosis of your professional predispositions (pathways), read the following assumptions.


  1. The final result of your predispositions is a kind of recommendation (recommendation, diagnosis) and may always change in the future.
  2. The predisposition model takes into account trends from the labour market and sports environment. It takes into account such issues as:
    1. Ccompetences
    2. Qualifications
    3. Experience
    4. Aptitude
    5. Knowledge
    6. Skills
    7. Social attitudes
  3. The model consists of 7 levels.
    1. In each of the 7 levels there are 6 questions.
    2. You answer every 6 questions on a scale from 1 point to 5 points:
      1. 1 point means that you identify yourself the least with it (it describes your achievements the least).
      2. 5 points means that you identify with it the most (it describes your achievements the most).
    3. The sum of points from each level 7 will be the answer to your predispositions.
    4. You will also receive a description of the recommendation at the end.
    5. For the result to be reliable, answer honestly and truthfully and according to your achievements, because only then will the result be valid and will show you credible feedback (recommendation).
    6. At each level you will be given various tips on how to properly answer the question and mark the appropriate scoring scale.